Dr. Marc Fisk Reviews Top Five Diet Plans for a Healthy 2015


Marc S. Fisk, DO, a Barnabas Health Medical Group physician affiliated with Clara Maass Medical Center, knows that it can be confusing when trying to select a diet plan. With so many options, choosing the right plan may be overwhelming.

his recent blog post, Dr. Fisk explains the importance of incorporating healthy changes into one’s lifestyle – a well-balanced diet should be a long-term commitment rather than a short-term change. Dr. Fisk also reviews the top five diets as reported in an annual list by U.S. News and World Report, including the DASH diet for blood pressure, the TLC diet created by the National Institutes of Health to promote cardiovascular health, the Mayo Clinic diet, the Mediterranean diet and Weight Watchers.

Dr. Fisk encourages people to choose a diet that fits their specific needs, their personality, and their daily lives. For tips on committing to a healthy diet and incorporating healthy lifestyle changes, read Dr. Fisk’s post here.

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